"Arabesque" is a song by Coldplay from their eighth studio album, Everyday Life. It was released as one of the first singles from the album on October 24, 2019, along with "Orphans", and is the seventh track of the album's first side, Sunrise. It features french vocals by Belgian singer Stromae and horn sections by Femi Kuti and his band, Positive Force.

Chronologically, it is the first studio release by the band to feature profanity, followed by "Trouble in Town" and "Guns", both present on the same album.

Background and recordingEdit

The song dates back from the band's fourth studio album recording sessions, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. When Chris Martin was "kicked out" of the band for two weeks by album's producer Brian Eno, Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Jonny Buckland stayed on studio with him doing lots of jamming and sound experimentation in order to exercise their creativity without Chris interference upon them. When he came back, one of the sounds that came up from these jam sessions was the guitar line of the song, and, despite not making through the album at the time, Chris said he really liked it for years.[1]

While reworking the song for Everyday Life, Chris said the main chorus riff melody came to his mind, making him ask Femi Kuti, his son Made Kuti, and his band, Positive Force, to add horn instruments on it. Belgian singer Stromae joined in after an invitation from Chris for him to participate on the track. In an interview for BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac, he said: "[Stromae] is maybe one of the best artists in the world and he's just wonderful, and his last record [...], Racine carrée, is so brilliant and that blew me away, and I think that influenced this album quite lot. And somehow we became friendly and I asked if he would sing on it and he said okay."[2]

Guy Berryman said it was inicially a completely different song, with only a little piece of the old version being maintained on the intro of the new version (from 0:13 to 0:28).[3]

Composition and structureEdit

The song was written by all band members, Karnivool guitarist Drew Goddard, Femi Kuti and Stromae, while production was handled by The Dream Team.

Guy said the song is very unusual for the band because of its structure, consisting of a voice memo of a Jerusalem street, a saxophone and horn sessions, french vocals, an extended saxophone solo, a sample of the closing monologue of the 1982 Fela Kuti documentary, Music Is the Weapon.


[Verse 1: Chris Martin]
I could be you, you could be me
Two raindrops in the same sea
You could be me, I could be you
Two angles of the same view
And we share the same blood

[Verse 2: Stromae, Will Champion & Chris Martin]
Comme deux gouttes d’eau
On se ressemble
Comme provenant de la même mère
Comme deux ruisseaux (You could be me)
Qui se rassemblent (I could be you)
Pour faire les grandes rivières
And we share the same blood
Yeah, we share the same blood

[Verse 3: Chris Martin]
And we share the same blood
Yeah, we share the same blood

[Sample: Fela Kuti]
Music is the weapon, music is the weapon of the future
Music is the weapon, music is the weapon of the future
Music is the weapon, music is the weapon of the future

[Outro: Chris Martin]
Same fucking blood
Same fucking blood

Official AudioEdit

Coldplay - Arabesque (Official Lyric Video)

Coldplay - Arabesque (Official Lyric Video)


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